Isabelo’s Secret Garden Restaurant, Marikina

Isabelo is a garden restaurant in Marikina that serves homemade food. We found this place while I was searching for a wedding venue a few months back.

Although my partner Glenn is from Marikina and has hanged out in bars at Riverbanks, which is about 5 tumblings away from Isabelo, he has never heard of the place. We were quite pleased after we discovered it’s only a two-minute walk from Kapitan Moy and OLA, since we’re familiar with the place. Those with cars would probably think-twice about parking, but once you find Isabelo, you can park your cars inside the premises – they have a parking space that can fit around 5 or more cars.

Unlike most restaurants in Manila, Isabelo is strictly by reservation only, so you’ve got to e-mail or text the beautiful Ms. Portia about your orders a day or two before you visit. Because of this, you’ll share the place with only a small group of people when you dine in. When we visited Isabelo, only two other couples were there with us.

As you enter the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by eclectic pieces of hanging bottles, paintings, mix-and-match plates, plenty of cafe lights in different colors, hanging beads and your personal waiter for the night. Each dining table is divided by a makeshift gazebo, which gives you and your date the privacy while dining.

We ordered the Spinach Artichoke Dip (P350♥), Seafood Salad (P482♥), Spaghetti and Meatballs (P410♥) and Italian Sausage Pizza (P410♥). I went gaga over the spinach  artichoke dip with homemade  bread, while Glenn gorged on the  seafood salad. When the pizza and  spaghetti came, we were so full we  had to have them packed to take  home.

Our bill was P1,652, which fed about 4 people (including my mom and brother who ate our take-home food).

The only complaint Glenn had was he wished Isabelo served beer. ***Note to beer-drinkers like us: Isabelo only serves wine 🙂 Also, if you prefer restos with air-conditioning, be aware that Isabelo serves dinner in a garden setting, so you got to be OK with electric fan while you’re there. Our waiter was kind enough to give us two fans, since no one was reserved on the next table.

Portia Dee Baluyut, the lady behind these dishes, will meet with you personally after your meal. She’ll also ask you to write on her guest book, which sort of reminded me of my high school days.

If you’re looking for a romantic place for an anniversary, or a place to get-together with your friends, Isabelo is a cozy little garden in Marikina you should check out. Ms. Portia is online everyday: you can check out her website, Facebook or just e-mail her directly for reservations.


Facebook: Isabelo Garden Restaurant
T: (02) 510.6914
M: 0908.7401645
Email: isabelogardenrestaurant [at]
Address: 11 Isabelo Mendoza St. San Roque, Marikina

    26 Replies to “Isabelo’s Secret Garden Restaurant, Marikina”

    1. Hi again Ms. Rhona, I don’t think Isabelo rents out the place for weddings and the like. I inquired about it thru Ms. Portia, but she says the place can only hold about 50 people at a time. She does make special arrangements if you want to shoot a prenup there.

    2. Ms. Rachel, you can commute going there rin. It’s not a village naman, but you do have to make about 2 tamblings from the main road. 🙂 It’s on the side of Kapitan Moy and Otto Shoes. Where are you coming from so I could give you exact directions?

    3. I am from Marikina also … but never heard of this restaurant until now. Hmmm, this is something to brag about … will try and blog about it also. Looks like food they serve is delisyoso!!! Gotta try this … Thanks for the tip!

    4. Yeah, my husband was born and grew up in Marikina too, and he hasn’t heard of the place as well 😛

    5. Hi I would like to ask if there is a reservation fee?? or is there any other fees we have to pay for aside from our orders? Can we also choose the table we want to reserve?? Thanks..

    6. There’s no reservation fee or other extra fees. The only thing we paid for when we went there was the food – you’ll know the price of each meal during reservation so no surprise gastos 🙂 When we went there, there was only 1 couple dining, so we were able to choose between 4 spots. 🙂 Go there a bit early so you can choose the table you prefer.

    7. I saw your place at Umagang Kayganda. Looks so nature haven inspired. I would like to bring my wife three on the eve of Feb 14. Can you reserve a seats for 3 including our one and only 1 son. Please confirm asap. thanks my contact no is 692-0519. Ferdie

    8. Sorry for the super late reply. I hope you had a chance to go to Isabelo’s garden last Valentine’s Day 🙂

    9. Hi Diane, sorry for the super late reply. Hope you got the chance to reserve last Feb. The owner/chef is always online on her FB and does reply quickly via e-mail, so if you weren’t able to go, I’d recommend you contact her first 🙂

    10. Please contact Ms. Portia if you’re planning to rent the place 🙂 I think she allows that during weekends.. You can see the contact details/email add of Ms. Portia just before the comments! Thanks!

    11. You can check out her menu here 🙂 THe prices are posted there. Each item can be shared by 2-3 people, depending on how many types of food you ordered. You need to pre-order before you arrive, since she buys everything fresh for the day’s guests.

    12. i want to visit this place w/ my girlfriend. we’ll be having our 2yrs and 8months this 30th. although it’s going to be a simple dinner,i want it to be special..pls help me with this..thanks much =)

    13. Hi! We’ll commute going there from UP Diliman. Approximately, how much would the cab meter cost considering moderate/usual traffic? Also, where is the nearest taxi bay or road where taxi pass by? Thank you!!!

    14. I don’t know how much the cab is from UP going to libis, but from Libis going to Isabelo resto… it would cost around P120-150, so just add from there. You’ll pass katipunan/libis/c5 going to riverbanks, then right after the bridge, turn right to JP Rizal St. (this is a main road so you’ll be going down and getting a cab from here). Isabelo is a bit hidden from the main road (just several steps from JP Rizal though, nothing you can’t handle 🙂

    15. Hi! I made a reservation for d prenup of my daughter’s wedding on feb 12, 2015 from 12:00 nn to 4pm. R we d only persons who will occupy d area? Acc. to lei, d venue’s price is 6,100. Am i correct? We will be arriving b4 lunch so we can take our lunch there which is included in d package.

      Thank you.


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