Cobo Pavillion, Marikina: Party Venue with Pool

October 14, 2010 @ 94 Comments

If you’re looking for a swimming party venue, but don’t want to go as far as Antipolo, there’s several resorts in Marikina. One of them is the Cobo Resort. It’s an all-in-one venue with a huge ballroom, a red-tiled patio, a small bridge with a pond, a large pool, a jacuzzi for kids and a hidden spot with a fantastic view of the entire place.

When you enter Cobo’s gate, you’ll immediately be welcomed by the ballroom/pavillion with clean and modern bathrooms. Above the pavillion is the owner’s place, which has an airconditioned room that can be rented out – for a fee – for weddings and other events. The pavillion is huge – it can fit three long tables and a buffet table.

When you reach the end of the pavillion, you’ll see a big, red-tiled patio with a wooden gazebo, which is beautifully situated right before the pool. My friend was married here and it’s a great location for a Christian wedding ceremony. The pond with its mini bridge can be easily transformed into a photo-session backdrop ala-lamesa eco park.

See the bridge and the gazebo? :) It’s beyond romantic. Just be careful not to drop anything on the pond because when we visited the place, I couldn’t see the bottom of the pond. Right after the gazebo is the large, oval pool with a super small jacuzzi (which I know kids would love).

At the other side of the pool is a small garden (that could fit an 8×10 Tent) and the gray-tiled area, which you can also rent out for small parties. On the right side of the pool is a mysterious path going up to the heavens – no, it’s just a flight of stairs that leads to a dead end, but the small balcony-looking area is a pretty good place to hang out or hide out.

PESO POWER: The rates for Cobo is quite confusing. Like most resorts, there’s a morning rate and evening rate. The pavillion and patio part of the place is one area you could rent for big events like weddings. The pool has a different rate and it comes with a bathroom and the small garden. To give you an estimate, we inquired about their rates in early 2010 and discovered that we can rent the pavillion/patio area for P15,000, plus P2000 for the airconditioned room.

UPDATE August 29, 2013 (from Jardine of Cobo Pavillion): Cobo Pavillion is now offering Worry Free Packages for different Events. The venue is open for inquiries 10am-7pm daily or you can also call us to schedule a meeting.


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CONTACT: Cobo Pavillion (Facebook page)
LOCATION: #6 Mt. Wilson St., Mountainview Village, New Marikina Subd. San Roque, Marikina City
Telephone #: 775-92-50 (UPDATED numbers 8/29/2013: Look for Jardine at 7759250/09328656225)

UPDATED NUMBERS 4/1/2014: Look for  Ms. Zeah 2385019/09268293121.

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  1. Paulene

    2 years ago

    Hi Charmaine, I would love to help you with your inquiries, but I’m not directly affiliated with Cobo so I can’t answer for them. Please try to call the numbers posted above and get back to me if none of them work na :) I’ll try to look for their new numbers if ever it’s not working anymore. Thank you :)

  2. Paulene

    2 years ago

    Hi Rosaline, please try to contact them on their landline (211-6397 / 943-11969 / 646-8709) to check for available skeds :) Thanks!

  3. QC Female

    2 years ago

    I do not advise holding your party here. My car was vandalized and I suspect one of their neighbors did it – this is situated in a subdivision and they do not have available parking thus you have no choice but to park your car in front of a house.

  4. Paulene

    2 years ago

    Oh I’m sorry to hear that. What did the owners say? I believe he’s a brgy. captain too, but I don’t know if he’s in-charge of that area.

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  6. ruby

    1 year ago

    Is this a current price? I was planning on renting the place for January 2013

  7. Paulene

    1 year ago

    No it’s not. Please try to contact them to check recent rates! thanks :)

  8. ruby

    1 year ago

    I am based outside the country so I can’t make phone calls :( I was wondering if they have a website I can check into and if do they have overnight rates?

  9. Bon

    1 year ago

    This is our new contact 775-92-50. And to Ms. Ruby sorry but we don’t allow overnight po only up to 12mn po.

  10. Paulene

    1 year ago

    Hi Bon! Thanks for updating your numbers :)

  11. Honeyrose S. Sardalla

    1 year ago

    can i get your contact number?

  12. Paulene

    1 year ago

    This is their new contact# 775-92-50.

  13. tin

    1 year ago

    hi! may i ask what’s the cp nos if ders any.we would like to visit a place for a wedding venue.tnx

  14. sharm

    1 year ago

    hi.. magkano po ang veneu niyo??

  15. sharm

    1 year ago

    hi. good day . i have planned to do some surprise party for my bf.. 1st anniv po namin.. so ask ko lang po kung may place po kayo na maliit lang pero mura??

    hmm tha nks po

  16. trish

    1 year ago

    Hello do you allow pre debut photoshoots? if so, what are your rates? thanks

  17. Paulene

    1 year ago

    I’m not sure if the cell numbers posted above are still working, but someone from Cobo commented recently that this is their new contact# 775-92-50.

  18. Paulene

    1 year ago

    Hi Sharm, as far as I know, Cobo divides the place into 2 areas. Please contact them for current rates – 775-92-50.

  19. Paulene

    1 year ago

    Hi Trish, I think it’s free if you’re renting out the place for the debut itself. I’m not sure if they allow pre-event shoots there, so please call them to confirm – 775-92-50.

  20. Paulene

    1 year ago

    Please call 775-92-50 to inquire about current rates. Thanks! :)

  21. Jhed

    1 year ago

    you can also call us from this number 2385019 thanks

  22. jeda

    1 year ago

    you can also call us from this number 238-50-19

  23. JANNA

    1 year ago

    Pag pool lang yung rent namin tas 10am hanggang hapon kami how much yun per head, and rent? Pls rep asap.. Thankyou so much!

  24. Gia

    1 year ago

    hi! i just want to ask how much this venue if we will use it for a debut party? this is my number 09058197492 you can text me there for your reply thanks.

  25. Luis Fajardo

    1 year ago

    maraming nag iinquire dito sa amin regarding the venue kaya cobo pavillion ang sinasabi ko, because of to those held their events please visit cobo pavillion its a nice place thanks. GOBLET CATERING SERVICES

  26. kit

    1 year ago

    Hi, Im looking for wedding venue here in Marikina. It will be sometime in May. Is it big enough for 60-70 persons?

  27. Paulene

    1 year ago

    It’s big for 60-70 people. Mga 150 pax spacious pa rin, pero nde siksikan :)

  28. Jaydee Campugan

    1 year ago

    Hmm… Yung 15,000 lahat lahat na po ba yun?
    The Pool and also the ballroom pavillion?

    Actually I’m canvasing for my Best Friend’s Debut.

  29. Eya

    1 year ago

    Hi im planning to have my son’s kids party next month. Would it be possible to send me thru email your rates. Thanks (hoping that cobo ppl will read this and be able to reply)

  30. Joan

    1 year ago

    Hi sorry im lon distance cant make a phone call and i wan to know how much is the rent for the venue for kiddie party on your hall and if ever plus with the use of pool.

    Also, wh is your affiliated caterer? And in case i have book for a caterer let me know if its ok thanks


  31. Paulene

    1 year ago

    Not the pool po. 15k is for the venue area. I’m not sure what’s their rate if included yung pool. Last I know, it’s on a per-head basis pag lalangoy.

  32. MJ

    1 year ago

    We’re going to have an overnight swimming next week with my co-workers. I would like to inquire the fees and is it alright if we bring our own foods inside? Please e-mail me for your response. Thank you.

  33. Paulene

    1 year ago

    I’m not sure if they allow overnights at the place. when we inquired before, they don’t. only up to 11-12 at night ata. please call them to check :) thanks!

  34. andrea

    7 months ago

    maam paulene…ask ko lang ganun parin ba ang price ng venue…it`s still 15k? nghahanap kasi kami ng venue for wedding this dec.kasya ba ang 100person sa 15k?please advise..thanks

  35. Paulene

    7 months ago

    Ms. Andrea, have you tried calling them po? :) Please do, kung nde nyo makontak, reply back. I’ll try to ask my relatives in Marikina to ask for new rates or their new number.

  36. grace

    7 months ago


    please let me know how much would be the cost (all in )for renting the place – 70 persons – including use of pool – 10 am to 12 midnight. – or if possible to use the room till morning at 6 am. as we located in a quite far area so we need a place to rest after the event. appreciate your prompt response.

  37. Jardine

    7 months ago

    Hi, This is Jardine of Cobo Pavillion. Cobo Pavillion is now offering Worry Free Packages for different Events. If you have any questions regarding the rates and packages, feel free to call or text me 7759250/09328656225. The venue is open for inquiries 10am-7pm daily or you can also call us to schedule a meeting. You can also visit our FB Page for details, pictures, and for posting you inquiries.

  38. Paulene

    7 months ago

    Thanks Jardine! :) Will update contact numbers

  39. Paulene

    7 months ago

    hi grace :) pls check updated numbers above. They also have a facebook page na (, you could inquire from them directly.

  40. criselda

    7 months ago

    pls send me info about your wedding packages for at least 150 guest for june 7 2014
    or just the rate for the venue thank you!

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  42. Floriza Bantigue

    4 months ago

    Hi! I just wanna inquire how much would be the rental fee for a wedding event?thanks

  43. jacq

    1 month ago

    hi, i just want to ask how much po rate. overnight for around 20person coz were planning for outing. please send me ng rate at

    thank you

  44. Zeah Santos

    2 weeks ago

    Good day! This is Ms. Zeah from Cobo Pavillion. If you have queries regarding our Venue you can contact me at 7759250/2385019/09268293121. Thank you and God Bless :)

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