Cobo Pavillion, Marikina: Party Venue with Pool

If you’re looking for a swimming party venue, but don’t want to go as far as Antipolo, there’s several resorts in Marikina. One of them is the Cobo Resort. It’s an all-in-one venue with a huge ballroom, a red-tiled patio, a small bridge with a pond, a large pool, a jacuzzi for kids and a hidden spot with a fantastic view of the entire place.

When you enter Cobo’s gate, you’ll immediately be welcomed by the ballroom/pavillion with clean and modern bathrooms. Above the pavillion is the owner’s place, which has an airconditioned room that can be rented out – for a fee – for weddings and other events. The pavillion is huge – it can fit three long tables and a buffet table.

When you reach the end of the pavillion, you’ll see a big, red-tiled patio with a wooden gazebo, which is beautifully situated right before the pool. My friend was married here and it’s a great location for a Christian wedding ceremony. The pond with its mini bridge can be easily transformed into a photo-session backdrop ala-lamesa eco park.

See the bridge and the gazebo? :) It’s beyond romantic. Just be careful not to drop anything on the pond because when we visited the place, I couldn’t see the bottom of the pond. Right after the gazebo is the large, oval pool with a super small jacuzzi (which I know kids would love).

At the other side of the pool is a small garden (that could fit an 8×10 Tent) and the gray-tiled area, which you can also rent out for small parties. On the right side of the pool is a mysterious path going up to the heavens – no, it’s just a flight of stairs that leads to a dead end, but the small balcony-looking area is a pretty good place to hang out or hide out.

PESO POWER: The rates for Cobo is quite confusing. Like most resorts, there’s a morning rate and evening rate. The pavillion and patio part of the place is one area you could rent for big events like weddings. The pool has a different rate and it comes with a bathroom and the small garden. To give you an estimate, we inquired about their rates in early 2010 and discovered that we can rent the pavillion/patio area for P15,000, plus P2000 for the airconditioned room.

UPDATE August 29, 2013 (from Jardine of Cobo Pavillion): Cobo Pavillion is now offering Worry Free Packages for different Events. The venue is open for inquiries 10am-7pm daily or you can also call us to schedule a meeting.


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CONTACT: Cobo Pavillion (Facebook page)
LOCATION: #6 Mt. Wilson St., Mountainview Village, New Marikina Subd. San Roque, Marikina City
Telephone #: 775-92-50 (UPDATED numbers 8/29/2013: Look for Jardine at 7759250/09328656225)

UPDATED NUMBERS 4/1/2014: Look for  Ms. Zeah 2385019/09268293121.

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120 Responses

  1. rhona baniqued says:

    hi po good day mgkno po prent ng venue nyo?

  2. Paulene says:

    Ms. Rhona, last time I checked, Cobo rents out half the place for P15,000, plus P2000 for the air-conditioned room. The pool has a different rate – It can be per head or for the entire schedule (8am-3pm or 4pm onwards). There’s no overnight stay here though.

  3. kyle says:

    how much per head for a part of 220 persons?an 18th birthday party. 200 people. caterig included. price per head if available. needed asap please.

  4. Valerie says:

    Do you hAve any idea how much ang rate nila with the pool.. ?!? Since pool party po ang pinaplan namin.. Thank you..

  5. doreen angeles says:

    hi good day ask ko lng ung sa pool pwde ba from 6pm to 12 midnight for a debut hawaiian inspired? gud for 150 to 200 kasya ba cya? and how much would it cost? sa 2012 pa nman cya ng aug? and ung catering debut packages how much? pwde sa outside mag pa cater?

  6. Paulene says:

    Mam pwede po sha until midnight. Kasya po hanggang 200. May corkage po sila for outside cater. Paki-contact na lang sila for rates :) 211-6397 / 943-11969 / 646-8709

  7. Paulene says:

    Per head po rate nila sa pool, last I checked. Please contact them 211-6397 / 943-11969 / 646-8709 :) Baka may package sila for pool parties.

  8. Paulene says:

    Hi Kyle, please contact them for rates at 211-6397 / 943-11969 / 646-8709 :)

  9. magkano po entrance

  10. Paulene says:

    Hi, you can call them by phone at 211-6397 or 646-8709. :)

  11. kate says:

    uhmm i just wanna know if you can allow us like 15 person in just one room were having a lil shower party. how much is the room rate? and how much is the extra person? we will be starting at 8 pm till midnight.
    thanks :)

  12. Rina says:

    May plan kami na 50th Birthday Party on December 2012, ask ko lang ang rental ng place for 200 guest and catering as well, can you please email it to me, nasa overseas kasi ako, ano ang included sa package, paki email din ang mga choices ng package (foods).paki include na rin yung pool renta, pwede bang whole day ang pool

  13. Kindly provide rates for a 150 pax debut package @ the pavillion and a use of pool if possible..send it to my email address..thanks and more power!

  14. Paulene says:

    Hi Ms. Rina, please ask someone who’s here in the Philippines to call the folks at Cobo for a price quote. All I know is, they also provide catering for those who request it (pero they’re not strict with foods you bring). Pwede po whole day yung pool, but they don’t allow overnight stays. :)

  15. Paulene says:

    Hi Ms. Liza, I don’t work for Cobo, I’m sorry. You can call them directly at 211-6397 / 943-11969 / 646-8709. Comment back if the numbers are not working anymore, so I could ask someone to go there and request for their new number. Thanks!

  16. iris blanco says:

    good day,, i would like to get full details regarding the venue.
    ..planning a wedding for 100 pax
    on many rooms accomodation it has?kindly send me rates etc..

    thanks so much

    kind regards,iris blanco

  17. Paulene says:

    Hi Iris, I believe there’s only 1 room for rent, a roofed ballroom that extends to the outdoor area with the gazebo. The place can fit around 150 people. :) Please contact them directly. Their infos are posted above.

  18. irene says:

    HI can you pls email me asap the packages that you have. venue and catering thanks. Its for my niece 18th Birthday.

  19. Paulene says:

    Hi Irene, have you tried to contact them via the numbers posted above? Please do :) I am not affiliated with Cobo or any other venues posted on the blog, but I do provide contact numbers for guests like you to use :)

  20. Tin says:

    Hi! Ask ko lang kung yung sa 15K, kasama na ba yung chairs and tables? or decorations and the like? Thanks. If not, how much po kaya?

  21. Paulene says:

    Hi Tin, venue fee lang yun :) Chairs/tables sa catering mo na yun. No restrictions sa decor..

  22. Tin says:

    Okay! Thank you. :)

  23. Jussanne says:

    Hi there. Until what time is the Pavillion area, if in case I use it as my venue? Thankyou! Kindly reply ASAP. =)

  24. Janna Janine says:

    hey.. magkano pag hapon hanggang gabi?
    pool lang rent namin. magkano per head?

  25. Rissa Gabriel says:

    pede ba yang i’rent ng 12hrs. 6pm-6am for debut ?

  26. Paulene says:

    Last time I asked, they’re only open until 1-2 ata. Please call the number to confirm.

  27. Paulene says:

    When I asked before, they said it’s 100/head. Kasama na toilet and a small space for food (nde yung pavillion). Covered naman, pero dun malapit sa pool yung area.

  28. Linrose says:


    Inquire po sana ako how much will the rent be for a wedding ceremony and reception april 30, 2012?

    50-60 pax


  29. Paulene says:

    Hi Linrose,
    The pavillion/patio area is P15,000, when we inquired last year. If you want a room for your wedding prep, the airconditioned room is plus P2000. I don’t think the number of guests matter if you’re renting out the place. You can invite 50 or 200, but the rate is still the same. Unless you get the catering from them too…you can probably get a better deal. Please call them up.

  30. concerned_citizen says:

    I would like to complain about this place.

    It’s always causing endless headaches whenever an even would be held. The sound systems would always be too loud causing great disturbance to most residences that are in the area.

    A testament to this would be the barangay making “visits” every single time that there’s an event there.

    In case the owners aren’t aware Marikina has an ordinance about “noise”, the explanation of the ordinance could be found in this link:

    Action regarding this would be GREATLY appreciated.

  31. Paulene says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not affiliated with Cobo, so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to go there to tell them about the complaints.

  32. Michelle says:

    hanggang 200person lang po yung capacity niu?

  33. renerose says:

    hey there. can you email me the rate of the pool and how much is the rent for the venue for 150 pax 😀 tnx

  34. almira says:

    hi! we will be having a foam/pool party for 150 persons? can u please email me ur rates and packages that we can avail. and also how much would the corkage fee be if we bring in outside caterers? thanks!

  35. Paulene says:

    As far as I know, 200 kasya. Pwede siguro more kung mejo siksikan. Please contact them if they could cater your number of guests :)

  36. Paulene says:

    Hi, I forgot if they charge a corkage fee, so please contact them directly na lang. The numbers are posted above :)

  37. Paulene says:

    When we inquired last year, the pavillion/patio area is P15,000, the airconditioned room is plus P2000. The number of guests doesn’t matter if you’re renting out the place. Please call them up..maybe you can get a better deal :)

  38. camille says:

    hi ask ko lng if how much ang rental ng pavillion with the pool? from 6pm-11pm? thank you!

  39. gee says:

    hmm. nag pwede ba debut? overnight syempre how much? catering how much din po?

  40. Paulene says:

    Hi, yes pwede debut, but I don’t think they allow overnights. Please contact them directly about current rates and catering. :) Thanks!

  41. Paulene says:

    Pavillion has its own fee, plus per head yung rates nila for pool use, somewhere 150-200 ata. Please confirm with them na lang. :)

  42. droundtables says:

    hi everyone, we are an events management team, (droundtables), in case you need any help to have a worry-free event at a very affordable rates, please let us know and we can handle everything for you…you may check call us for inquiries at 09182907556 or 7955407:-) ‘have a good day!:-)

  43. Charmaine Mallillin says:


    Grateful if you would email me your package deals for late July.

    My family and I are looking around for a venue to rent for my grandmother’s birthday.



  44. dianne says:

    magkano entrance

  45. rosaline arzaga says:

    hi ask ko po kung may slot pa ng dec.29 2012 for wedding/

  46. Mary Ann says:

    Hi..just want to ask your rate on day session only, its my bday & we have decided to have a family pool party.. We’re up to 12 persons only. Pls.tx me on 09396329421; thanks

  47. joy says:

    pwede naman po yan gamitin for wedding?pki correct po aq qng mali nkuha qng input:
    15thousand=rent of place
    maximum of 200 person.
    not over-night
    additional 2000 for room
    cattering=not included

    I planned to get merraid next year around july.I prefer a garden wedding.I hope there’s someone who can help me…thanks,,God bless

  48. Paulene says:

    Dianne, if I remember correctly, 150/head for the pool. (I don’t know if there’s a minimum of people needed to stay there, kasi exclusively yours yung pool when you use it.) Please call them to confirm :)

  49. Paulene says:

    Yes, that’s their rate in Oct.2010, but they might have increased their rate by now, so I suggest you contact them to confirm :)

  50. Paulene says:

    Back in Oct 2010, the person I talked to said their rate for pool use is per head, somewhere 150-200 ata. Please confirm with them na lang. :)

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