Antipolo Resorts: Private Pools of Cattleya Resort… Dominique Review

In December, I attended our high school reunion held at Cattleya Farm Resort in Antipolo. Online, Cattleya’s website is pretty impressive with complete details on price, photo galleries,  a 360-degree view of all available spaces to rent out and reservation information. As I recall, Cattleya can be booked quickly via its online reservation form. We were lucky enough to have it reserved after a client cancelled on that date.

Antipolo swimming resort

Two weeks later, one of my high school classmates wanted to book the place for her son’s birthday. For a season not so good for swimming (it was a week before Christmas), all resort houses were fully booked. Cattleya is in-demand for a reason. The place is a must-visit when you’re looking for near-Manila out-of-towns but with a peaceful vibe.

When we arrived at Cattleya Farm Resort, the compound was quiet, except for a few houses that were hosting other guests. The spacing of each house was enough to have your own privacy and NOT hear videoke-singing from the other groups.  That goes without saying that you can also sing your hearts out with videoke and not get your “temporary neighbors” bang the doors on you. Also, as per barangay ordinance, you can only use it until 12am.


Upon entering Dominique, you’ll be greeted with a huge sign listing down resort rules. It included basic pool rules like no eating/drinking in the water, no rough playing,  use swim wear only, and so on. You’ll see everything from the entrance – including the space for parties, the big pool, a small Jacuzzi, a nipa hut, the comfort room at the top of the stairs, and a very very nice view of the city.

CAPACITY: Most of their houses can accommodate 50 people. My former classmates who attended the reunion were only about 25, so the place looked pretty big for us. It’s perfect for any kind of gathering, but it’s probably too casual for weddings.

PESO POWER: All of the pools at Cattleya resort have two types of rates – one for day rental (9am to 5pm) and one for night rental (7pm to 7am). Day rates are about 2,000 pesos cheaper than night rates. We got Dominique for 9,600 for an overnight stay. Although there isn’t any room for sleeping, except for one nipa hut with aircon. If you’re planning to stay here overnight and you’re bringing kids, check out other pools with rooms they could sleep in. Here’s the page for Cattleya Resort rates.

INSIDER TIP: There’s a small sari-sari store within the Cattleya Resort, but just like any other Antipolo resorts, the prices are way too high. Since the management isn’t strict about bringing in food and drinks, make sure you buy everything you need. There’s also a market about 30 minutes away, if you really need to buy something at the store. :)

How to get to Cattleya Farm Resort: To get to the resort you can go to Antipolo either thru Ortigas or Sumulong highway. Once you get to Antipolo proper, the easiest landmark to find is the YNARES Sports Center. From there, proceed to Unciano Hospital. Turn into the road right between the hospital and gasoline station. Follow the road on the map below. Cattleya Resort will be on your right.

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  • You can send a text message for Information at 0917-8169759
  • Call Mr. Peregrino for Reservations at 6970769 / 6965839
  • Call Vicente S. Benito (Resort Manager) at 9114341 / 9114407
  • FACEBOOK: For updates and promos, check the Cattleya Resort Facebook page

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5 Responses

  1. Ma. Theresa G. Decena says:

    Dear Sir/Maam,

    Our department is looking for a resort for our summer outing. We are approximately 70 persons but we will be divided into 2 groups. Our tentative dates are May 5, 2012 for the first batch and May 12, 2012 for the second batch. We prefer day swimming if you will be asking for the time.

    Kindly send me some information regarding the resort like the amenities, prices, etc. If ever I find time to have a visit this week, when is the best time to go and who will I look for? Thank you very much and I hope you can accommodate us.
    Please send me pictures of your suggested sight in your resort.


    Ma. Theresa G. Decena

  2. Paulene says:

    Hi Ms. Decena, Cattleya has an online reservation facility that you can use. All information are available at, or their facebook I suggest you call them for your inquiries :)

  3. Glenn Pendleton says:

    Could I book your resort for up 20 people looking for a wedding venue plus private pool.for 1 day and a night.dates are the 26th of october2013 until 27th of october

  4. Edwin says:

    hi want to ask on how much is the reservation for an overnight stay on 08/01/2015.. thanks

  5. Paulene says:

    Hello Edwin,

    Here’s their listed price for Dominique (Pool 4) from the website:

    Day Rate (9am-5pm 8 hrs)
    Mon-Thu P7,000
    Fri-Sun P9,000

    Night Rate (7pm-7am 12 hrs)
    Mon-Thu P9,000
    Fri-Sun P11,000

    Straight slot (9am-7am or 7pm-5pm)
    Mon-Thu P14,000
    Fri-Sun P18,000

    They have 8 other pools, and each has a different rate. You may check prices/packages for the other pools here:

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